Colorpop -Frenchie

Colorpop has given their products a very nice name for each. I think they have a brilliant idea on this. You can choose exactly the right color you want and won’t get the wrong color by mistake which easy to happen when other Cosmetic especially Korean classified them by code or number. Continue reading

Innisfree Green Barley Gommage Peeling

I always want to have a prefect make-up but when I apply make up, my face still has some flakes 😦 even I have moisturized before. I start to think and finally I have found out the reason. I have never exfoliated before.

I search the info on internet and experts recommend you should exfoliate once a week. I know it’s time to get an exfoliation product.

Being a fan of Innisfree, I look for what they have and I have chosen this Green Barley Gommage Peeling. Continue reading

Innisfree Eco Nail Color PRO 64 review

You are going to a party. You already have nice outfit, pretty accessories and you wanna complete your appearance. What have you forgotten? – It may be your nail.💅

I don’t want to spend so much money for the beauty salon, I decided to get manicure by myself

I chose Innisfree Eco Nail Color PRO #64 Continue reading